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Welcome to Palau Plantation Resort

Palau Plantation Resort is a South Pacific hideaway offering travelers a wide selection of traditional styled cabins, cottages and villas surrounded by the natural beauty of a tropical paradise. Palau Plantation Resort is a chic resort brimming with Palauan inspired flavors set against the relaxing natural environment.

Guests can experience an intimate stay providing the highest level of service. Each room is built with a different motif but certain elements characterize all of them, beautiful location, exceptional services and a small number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy.

Free Wifi Available

WifiNow you can enjoy Internet connections from the comfort of your own room. In the past, we offered Internet service only in the lobby area and our Internet Room. Now you can access the Internet throughout the Resort. Check your email, keep in touch with friends, or tell people about the Plantation Resort.


Overall view of the Palau Plantation Resort

Your "Home Away from Home" vacation combining the comforts of a relaxing tropical vacation and the excitement of the outdoors, the resort holds and extensive array of amenities that aims to give guests with diverse satisfaction.

Enjoy yourself at the Palau Plantation Resort

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