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Forest Garden Restaurant

Forest Garden Restaurant
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Forest Garden Restaurant

Forest Garden Restaurant

This is an outdoor dining experience with an astounding view of the pool and taro patches. Enjoy this relaxing view while taking a bite of our wide array of cuisines; and you don't need to travel far because we are located at the Palau Plantation Resort.

The well- loved restaurant offers different cuisines that are surely to tickle your taste buds. Local delicacies are showcased in our sumptuous Palauan, Japanese, Asian and International self- created menu which will satisfy your tummy. The exotic setting provides the perfect backdrop to your dream holiday, vacation, and family bonding, birthdays, unwinding with friends, wedding or honeymoon.

Fresh clams are also introduced in this menu and you may opt to have it Sashimi, smoked, BBQ, or Sauté with Kankum. Pair your meal of choice with one of the many kinds of fruit shakes that the restaurant offers. Pasta, Pizza and sandwiches are also available.

Special Dinners

Teppanyaki - A Japanese style grilled cooking with the choice of a Steak course. Served with kankum salad, soup, banana and taro sauté, bean sprout and nappa sauté, rice, coffee or tea, and desserts. Need to make reservation a day before.

Palauan Dinner - Set of local Palauan food such as Boiled Tapioca and Taro, Ground  Tapioca and Taro, Rice, Kankum sauté, Ukaib (crab with coconut milk), Palauan fish sashimi, Palauan smoke fish, land crab toppings, and local fruits. Need to make reservation a day before.

Local Food

Mangrove Crab - The crab is either barbecued, steamed, or cooked with coconut milk.

Clam Sashimi - Our fresh clam sashimi is one of the famous menus we have. This is freshly picked from the clam farm; we show, slice and serve it directly to guest to add entertainment.

Taro Pizza

Palau has many restaurants that serve pizza, but we serve a unique pizza with a crust made from freshly ground taro. The 12 inches pizza can be topped with one of the following choices: Seafood, BBQ, Vegetable and more...

In addition to our taro pizza, we also have Taro Bread which is freshly baked by our Chef. There is a wide selection of sandwiches made from taro bread.