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Jungle Bar

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Jungle Bar
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Jungle Bar

Jungle Bar

Jungle bar is the right place to unwind after a long strenuous day of work or tour, an ideal place with a nice millieu. The bar is known because of the distinct ambience, a room filled with cottage style tables. A get-away from the hustle and bustle or just plain lazing about. As a bonus, guests can enjoy the flavorful international cuisine and assortment of alcoholic and non- alcoholic concoctions. It provides the finest food in town from Asian to international and Palauan Dishes.

We also serve appetizers that caters to everyone. Our menu consists of Japanese, Asian and Palauan dishes.


Clam Sashimi - This is one of our famous appetizers that is served. We are proud to say that the Jungle Bar is the only place that provides the best, mouth-watering clams which are freshly picked from a clam farm.

Local Food - We offer a variety of appetizers and entrees using local products and cooked Palauan style to give you the different flavor Palau has to offer.

Local Seafood Salpicao - Mixed seafood with soy sauce, garlic and chili. One of a kind local appetizer that will surely tickle your taste buds.

Jungle Rice - Original local menu which consist of pork and rice wrapped with banana leaves.

Tinumok - A combination of ground pork and shrimp with coconut milk and spices.